Thursday, January 27, 2011

List Of Keyword Tools-Spice up your Keyword Research

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This is one of the most popular and also free keyword tool available online right now, many webmasters do feel its enough just to make use of this tool alone for their keyword research process. Many do feel its the most authentic keyword tool available as the datas directly come from one of the most popular search engine that is Google itself.

2. Alexa

Although alexa is not a typical keyword research tool, but it does provide more less accurate details about the site and what keywords drive majority of the traffic for a particular site, this data can be quite useful when you want to analyze your competition and where it is getting its valuable hits from, thus making this tool invaluable for research purposes.

3. Compete

Compete is again a tool more similar to alexa, but its been said that compete gives more accurate details about a site over alexa. But just know that no tools can give really accurate data about a site, but most tools strive to achieve the near accuracy area and compete really stands out of the crowd by providing valuable data about a site which includes the terms which a particular site ranks on top which makes a site popular. You still get very limited information about the keywords on free version, if you want to expand your list then you need to pay for the pro version.

4. Keywordspy

Keyword spy is more like compete but this tool gives more in depth details in to your competitors, also gives you details about your PPC competitors, one of the best keyword tools out there, if you haven’t tried it before I highly recommend checking this tool out.

5. Spyfu

Spyfu gives you very good idea about your keywords you want to focus on, information about who are ranking well for your keywords already, stats for domains which are using PPC for your keywords. But one limitation with this tool is that it gives you only information from the data collected from US and UK, if you are focusing on market outside of UK and US this tool might not be very useful for you.

6. Wordtracker

Perhaps the second popular keyword tool out there after Google, unlike Google the datas of this keyword tool is collected from search engines like dogpile cannot be said that it gives very accurate datas about search volume but its been said it gives more or less accurate results for keywords. Again it comes in both paid and free version. You can opt for a paid version if you want additional functionality and more indepth keyword research.

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